True entrepreneurship has but one goal, one drive, one primary motivating factor:

Drive for Success

They dare to be different, strive to be great, and face risk head on. They are persistent and unyielding in their drive to build their businesses. Yet the journey from entrepreneur to CEO is full of challenges. In order to achieve this goal, an entrepreneurial company needs certain things. It needs a leader, a team, a vision, a mission, a direction, a plan, and a structure. It also needs money.

The West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust is a leading venture capital firm made up of partners with extensive management, operations and technology experience and focused on turning the innovation of new ideas into successful world-class companies. Since 1992, the JIT has been an active investor and valued partner to exceptional entrepreneurs on the leading edge of industry.

When we support your company, we commit to transforming your vision into reality. Your dreams become our dreams. Your challenges become our challenges. We set high standards and accept nothing less than the best from ourselves and our entrepreneurs. We add value by providing financing, strategic guidance, industry knowledge, team-building skills, and a deep understanding of the unique challenges of start-up companies.