True entrepreneurship has but one goal, one drive, one primary motivating factor:


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Investment Terms

JIT investments will generally be structured as convertible preferred equity or subordinated loans with warrants or options to buy stock. The investments are sometimes subordinated to bank loans and mortgages. Specific terms of the investment will vary.

JIT investments are short-term, ranging from three to five years, after which JIT expects to liquidate its investment. Liquidation is generally provided by a sale or merger of the company or repurchase of JIT securities by the portfolio company.

Investment Criteria

JIT seeks to invest in well-managed companies with outstanding long-term growth prospects.

JIT’s evaluation focuses on the following criteria:


The company must be located in, employ a work force in, and offer products or services for the benefit of West Virginia.


JIT considers a full spectrum of investment scenarios. JIT understands that each investment will require its own unique structure. Because of its own flexibility, JIT can take a creative approach.


JIT does not limit its resources to specific industries. Should a venture indicate potential and meet other basic investment criteria, positive consideration will be given by JIT.


The management team should be strong and experienced. A successful track record and industry experience are important factors in a JIT decision.


The company should target a growing market and be able to demonstrate an ability to capture a reasonable share.


The company’s products or services should be proprietary or sufficiently differentiated to enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage.