WVJIT Announces Coe’s Country Store Received WVCAP Funding

Charleston, W.Va. – The West Virginia Capital Access Program (WVCAP) approved a loan of $60,000 for Coe’s Country Store, LLC., a restaurant and grocery in Upshur County. 

The WVCAP funding is expected to allow Coe’s Country Store to more than double its number of employees.

Coe’s Country Store is a locally owned and operated store in French Creek, West Virginia. French Creek is in need of a store to provide necessities to residents and tourists.

With a commercial kitchen, in addition to groceries, the store will provide hot meals to go.

WVCAP provides West Virginia small businesses with debt or equity capital to expand and create jobs. WVCAP is designed to assist credit-worthy companies that may not fit traditional lending models.WVCAP is administered by the West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust (WVJIT).

“WVCAP is a fantastic program for those working with a small business that needs capital,” said Andy Zulauf, Executive Director at WVJIT. “This is an opportunity to not only create jobs but also help businesses provide vital products and services to their communities.”

For more information, to apply for funds, contact the West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust at wvjit.wv.gov.

About the West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust 
West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust (JIT) is a public venture capital fund created to develop, promote and expand West Virginia’s economy by making investment funds available to eligible businesses, thus stimulating economic growth and providing or retaining jobs within the State. JIT invests in early-stage, later-stage and mature small companies that wish to expand. Opportunities to create a significant number of jobs while maintaining economic balance are favorably viewed.